• My Teaching Philosophy

  • I strive to bring out of each student the best version of themselves. This means encouraging exploration and creativity, grounded in solid fundamentals. It also means creating an environment of honesty and support where ideas can be discussed and honed, and where mistakes can become springboards to learning and deeper understanding.

    My students study repertoire ranging from the 17th to 21st centuries, always guided by knowledge of appropriate style and performance practice. While I'm happy to advise in the selection of music, students have considerable freedom to discover pieces on their own.

    Making and refining one's own reeds is an area of continuous study and practice for all oboists, and I make sure to spend as much time as needed with each student improving this skill.

    As a musician who has played in many formats and genres, and who has worked as a full-time orchestral musician, freelancer, administrator, and teacher at all levels and on multiple instruments, I prepare my students for the demands of a 21st-century career.

    You can read my biography here.

  • Contact Me

  • DU Email: ian.wisekal@du.edu

    Phone: 720-432-4447

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