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  • OLLI On-Line is Coming!!

    To read the email from OLLI at DU Executive Director, Barbe Ratcliffe, click the image below or this link: OLLI ON-LINE EMAIL LINK

  • To see all the latest news and events for OLLI at DU, view the Calendar Of Events on this page (in the right column) or go to the News/Events or WorldView tabs at the top of this page.

  • We Are Always Looking for Facilitators!

  • Facilitators are the very heart of our OLLI program. OLLI is successful because every term we have an intriguing curriculum and a "faculty" of dedicated people volunteering their time to make it happen.

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating at OLLI West, go to the Facilitator Info & Resources tab at the top of this web page. You can also contact either of our Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs, Gail Wilson at gtwilson43@gmail.com or Jim Keller at kellerjb10@aol.com.

  • OLLI West Scholarship Fund

  • Through the gracious generosity of an OLLI West member (who wishes to remain anonymous), we now have a well-funded OLLI West Scholarship Fund. The fund will assist those who wish to participate in OLLI West classes, but are financially unable. If you, or someone you know, would like more information, please contact Susan Schmetzer at susanolliwest@gmail.com. All inquiries and scholarships will remain confidential.

  • Welcome to OLLI West

  • OLLI West has been providing Lifelong Learning in the western suburbs of Denver since the fall of 2007!  Thank you to all the volunteers, members and staff who made it happen!

    OLLI West is one of six OLLI sites in the Denver Metro area. Our OLLI West site holds classes in two locations:

    • Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 West 32nd Avenue
    • Applewood Valley United Methodist Church, 2035 Ellis Street  

    Click on our FAQ's tab and Member Benefits tab for more information.

    Contact Information:

    Susan Schmetzer, OLLI West Manager



    Dara Hughes, OLLI West Assistant Manager



  • Membership Fee

    OLLI members may participate in as many classes as desired at any of the six OLLI at DU sites - Central, West, East, South, Boulder & OLLI On-Campus (contingent upon space availability) for $130 per term.

    Links to our sister locations

    To learn about classes at our other locations - visit their websites:

    OLLI Central: http://portfolio.du.edu/olli

    OLLI South: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollisouth 

    OLLI-On-Campus: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollioncampus

    OLLI East: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollieast

    OLLI Boulder: http://portfolio.du.edu/olliboulder

  • Calendars

  • Click on the calendar to open, download and/or print it.

  • OLLI West Calendar of Events


  • OLLI West Weather Policy

  • Cancellations:  If Jefferson County Public Schools are closed due to the weather - OLLI West is closed.  

    Click on this link to check for Jefferson County School District closures:


    Inservice Days:  If JeffCo school district is closed for a teacher inservice work day during a bad weather day, there would be no announcement on the news.  In that event, this website will announce on the home page whether classes will be held or not.

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