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  • About Me

    For as long as I can remember, I have been finding more efficient ways to utilize technology through a pattern of examining while monitoring, troubleshooting to find better methods, and then training others to do the same.  This was my natural tendancy as a child and has stayed with me through today.  As a young adult, I joined the U.S. Air Force where I worked as a Ground Radar Maintenance Technician, Logistician, Combat Support Security Specialist, and Manager.  Each of these jobs helped me develop skills in areas of computer technology application knowledge, maintenance, planning and implementing, security awareness, and leadership. 

    After my honorable discharge, I obtained my Bachelor of Music degree and taught high school music for ten years.  Running a high school music program is much like running a small business.  I was keeping financial records during fundraising events, short term planning for auditions, long term planning for large trips and performances, running after school weekly rehearsals that involved outside volunteers, researching costuming ideas, managing students and developing a student leadership platform to bring cohesion to the program, and procuring event spaces for each community event throughout the performance season.  During my classroom teaching years, I began teaching a Music Technology course that ignited my passion for technology once again.

    This led me to my current position as an Instructional Technology Specialist where I assist teachers by providing professional development opportunities and training.  Providing current best practice solutions helps teachers develop the necessary skills needed to help students.  Students then learn the technological practices that will keep them safe online while being immersed in many forms of innovative technologies and applications.  As the face of my position changed with the pandemic, I also started assisting parents, students, and teachers through a customer support online help desk designed to make the transition to online learning smoother for all parties involved.  This encouraged me to pursue my Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management with a certification in Information Systems Security.  I am ready to utilize my knowledge of business foundations, business continuity planning, enterprise architecture, project management, and information systems security to lead individuals to whatever successful ventures lie ahead.  I graduated in August 2021 and am excited to pursue the next adventure that awaits me.  

    If you'd like to know more or want to contact me, please feel free to reach me at or


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