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  • What is an ePortfolio? ePortfolios are electronic collections of artifacts that are typically used to showcase the interests, goals, and achievements of individuals and/or groups. As a digital medium, ePortfolios open up opportunities for sharing evidence of work in fresh and dynamic ways!

  • What are reflective ePortfolios? ePortfolios were added to the American Association of Colleges and Universities' (AAC&U) list of High Impact Practices in 2016 as research confirmed that creating ePortfolios over time by curating collections of artifacts and reflecting on personal and academic growth increases retention, completion, and satisfaction rates. Two key elements of implementing ePortfolios as a HIP are the integrative nature of their use throughout the educational experience, and intentional inclusion of expectations for deep reflection allowing participants to form meaningful connections between their various experiences. Simply using an ePortfolio as a method for sharing work is also associated with positive gains, but not nearly as many as when they are paired with reflective work.

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