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    “Para el admirable artista de la guitarra Javier de los Santos a quien por sus cualidades le esperan los laureles del trinfo.” (“To the admirable guitar artist Javier de los Santos to whom, because of his qualities triumph awaits him.”)

    Javier Hinojosa, December, 1999


    “Javier mesmerized the audience with the classical guitar composition ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’ by the Spanish master Joaquin Rodrigo.”

    The Chronicle of Catholic Life, December 2008.


    “Javier de los Santos performed to a sold out crowd for the Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast House Concert Series. A true professional, Javier presented a very well rounded, challenging program and his selections were met with boisterous applause. The audience absolutely loved him, rewarding him with a standing ovation! His attention to the delicate moments in the Tarrega pieces were exquisite… sonorous, soft, shimmering sound. The future is bright for this young guitarist.”

    Laurie and David Lester, Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast, January, 2009


    “…Your performance was not just wonderful, but it was exquisite. You delighted all who atended-…”

    Frieda Kurtzbuck and Pamela Farell, Grand Junction Symphony Guild, April, 2010

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  • “Javier de los Santos came to our library and wowed our patrons with his wonderful guitar skills. The music Javier performed was a new genre for many in the audience, yet at the same time it was easy for all to enjoy. Although the focus was on his music, Javier did a good job of interacting with the crowd and helped explain the history behind the pieces he played. We had a packed house at the performance and many patrons after came by to thank us for organizing the program. They also inquired about where and when he would be performing next. I plan on having Javier come again to our library and am looking forward to another great time.”

               Dan Mickelson,  Silt Library Branch Manager, January, 2011

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